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Written on July 29, 1997 by Robert & Karen Vanderzweerde

Appeared in Greenmaster Magazine on October/November 1997

Now that you’ve learned how to surf the Web (see last month’s Computer Tutor article), here are some sites worth visiting if you are a superintendent.

Turfgrass and Horticultural Information

Guelph Turfgrass Institute (University of Guelph)

Everything you wanted to know about turfgrass as well as links to other Web sites.

Université Laval, Centre en Researche en Hoirticulture

English is available as well (Horticultural Research Centre).

Landscape Ontario, Horticultural Trades Association

For trades only.  Consumers should visit

Fédération Interdisiplinaire de l’Horticulture Ornementale du Quebec

Golf Information

Royal Canadian Golf Association

A great way to find out about professional tours and Canadian golfing associations.  Lots of links to other Web sites.

United States Golf Association

A guide to the rules of golf.

The Golf Superintendents Association of America

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