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Web Site Strategy, Design, Development and Maintenance

Informative Services Group is committed to it's goal of Achieving Organizational Effectiveness Through Information Technology and offers these Internet and Intranet based services:

  • Strategic alignment of web services to fit goals and objectives

  • Designing, building, and maintaining effective web sites

  • Analyzing, selecting, and implementing web-based solutions

All projects begin by fully understanding the goals and objectives to be achieved. Only after understanding your needs and audience, can an approach be undertaken to establishing a web presence (sample goals and objectives have been stated with the references included below). Only afterwards, can web design or selecting a web solution begin.

All web sites are designed either on paper or using prototypes, and as many iterations of this are created until you are satisfied with the results. Web sites are build with web friendly capabilities and are written with your visitors in mind, using the latest web technologies such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft Web Presence (previously known as FrontPage), and Adobe's products such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, and Acrobat. Integration can be achieved with third party services such as shopping cards and calendars. We will even assist you in obtaining a domain name or setting up a web hosting service. After deployment, you have the option to maintain the site yourself of hire our maintenance services.

Beyond web sites, Informative Services Group can also help you with other web-based solutions such as web conferencing, web-based collaboration, and web-based knowledge management or information services.


Large-scale web sites designed and implemented by Informative Services Group, built by thrid party developers using Content Management Systems, and being maintained by the clients themselves (note that these sites do not necessarily appear as they were originally designed):

  • Law Society of Alberta - Public Website

    Serving both the public and its members, this comprehensive website achieves the organization's mission to "serve the public interest by promoting a high standard of legal services and professional conduct through the governance and regulation of an independent legal profession". It also supports eBusiness intiatives with interactive forms, online requests for information, databasess of disciplinary actions, and electronic distribution of publications and bulletins.

  • Law Society of Alberta - Company Intranet "The Daily Page"

    This Intranet supports its employees province-wide with news, calendars, an employee directory, employee benefits and information, organizational strategies, tools (including all templates), and access to required regulatorory materials.

Web sites designed, build, and maintained by Informative Services Group:

  • Finance for the Arts (Young Associates)

    A promotional site for Young Associates as well as an information site and on-line store for the book Finance for the Arts in Canada written by Heather C. Young. Also includes a fun on-line quiz to test your financial knowledge.

  • PJ's Products (Paul Johnson)

    Web site promoting gun and metal care products to enthusiasts and potential buyers. Detailed product descriptions, testimonials, and downloadable order forms are available.

  • Whiskey Jack Music

    A site used to promote the bluegrass/country group Whiskey Jack to potential venues. This includes descriptions of their 30-year history, photo albums, and sound clips from their recent CD releases.

  • George Lake Big Band

    A fan-based web site for the George Lake Big Band to attract people to their concerts as well as promote the band to potential venues. This includes descriptions of their concert schedule, photo albums, slide shows, and sound clips from their recent CD release.

Web sites designed and built by Informative Services Group and being maintained by the clients themselves (note that these sites do not necessarily appear as they were originally designed):

  • Accounting for Non-Accountants

    A complete on-line course, in three versions -- self evaluation, self study, and instructor moderated -- designed to teach accounting basics to organizations with non-accounting skills. Includes interactive testing such as true/false, multiple choice, and textual/numerical answers. This course is secured and only available by registering with or contacting the Ontario Museum Association.

  • Upper Canada Choristers

    A combination fan-based site to attract people to the community concerts of The Upper Canada Choristers, and an appreciation site for the donors to the registered charity.

  • Stacey Grieve Therapeutics

    A promotional site for the clinic and its practitioners.

Strategic studies and/or management of web site development by Informative Services Group:

  • MDS Inc. - Company Intranet "Link"

    This Intranet served 9,000 employees worldwide with news, calendars, employee information, and company data.

  • Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) - Association and Members Web Site

  • MDS Inc. - Year 2000 Intranet

    This Intranet supported 300 Information Technology specialists as they addressed and converted 120 major systems and over 10,000 devices worldwide.

Analysis, selection, and implementation of web-based solutions by Informative Services Group:

  • MDS Inc. - Web Conferencing using WebEx

  • MDS Inc. - Web-Based Collaboration and Knowledge Management using eRoom

Additional information on papers, presentations, and projects may be found on the Internet Technology & eLearning web page.

Robert Vanderzweerde

After an extensive and successful career in the computing industry, Robert has long recognized the power and leverage of the Internet and has returned to his analytical and systems integration "roots" to provide solutions using web based technologies.

In addition, with all those years in the computing industry, Robert brings a depth of knowledge and experience in the successful completion of projects and provision of services to clients. He commits his extensive project management and analytical skills to ensuring that initiatives achieve successful completion. He also participates in the improvement of service delivery capabilities by developing procedures and methodologies and teaching others. Using an open management style, he works effectively with management, employees, and clients.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Mathematics degree, majoring in Computing Sciences, from the University of Waterloo as well as Certificates in Internet Business & Technology and eLearning from the University of Toronto. He is also a Certified Management Accountant.

Click here for a complete Curriculum Vitae or Resume.

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